Oceanographic data collection and subsea data relay

Data Buoys

We started to manage data buoys since our fundation . Our first project was the Italian Data Buoys Network, involving 15 buoys  in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
At present we manage directly more than 25 data buoys and have sold more than 50 buoys worldwide. 
Basically Envirtech data buoys can be divided in two main groups. The first group contains Oceanographic Buoys 

Envirtech Deep Sea MKI-3 

Donwload Datasheet

Envirtech MKI-3 hosts a solid state MEMS directional wave measurment pack, and a meteorological station. The payload can be expanded hosting further underwater instrumentation for the measurement of  chemical and physical sea parameters. The buoy is composed of a central metal pole in AISI 316 Stainless steel and a rotationally moulded, medium density, UV stabilized,  buoyant having the shape of a truncated cone. The buoy dimensions, the focal light height  and the radar corner reflector allow good visibility in day and night conditions (3 nm).
Leading  features are:
► Inertial sensor  (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) embedding a micro  digital compass  able to measure the directional waves parameters and  spectra;
► A very low power consumption CPU with high processing capability;
► A VHF or UHF radio modem with  power from 100mW to 10W;
► An Inmarsat D+ satellite transceiver embedding a  GPS receiver to be used as back up relay  system and  to treck the buoy position; as option Inmarsat mini-C or Iridium for data telemetry too.
► Autonomous power supply system based on Solar Panels and rechargeable Gel batteries. An optional indipendent Lithium Battery pack.
All data provided by  sensors (wave sensors, meteo sensors, multi-parametric probes) are stored using a compact flash NVRAM with  capacity up to 32 Gb.
The MKI-3 CPU integrates  three axial acceleration and the three axial gyro, to get the wave directional spectra, together the zero crossing analysis. The electronic unit is protected inside a water proof cylinder equipped with underwater proof  connectors to interface the radio antenna, the meteo sensors, the satellite modem and optional multiparametric probe (CTD + other sensors ) that can be fixed on the low part of the pole. The pole and the buoyant can be disassembled to facilitate the transport of the buoy: in particular the pole can be splitted in three parts and the buoyant can be divided in three segments.

Deep Sea MKI-3


Shape 1800 mm x 5800 (pole + buoyant)
Construction Central metal pole in AISI 316 Stainless steel and  rotationally moulded, medium density, UV stabilized,   foam filled buoyant having the shape of a truncated cone composed of 3 parts.
Instrument case AISI316 - Stainless Steel
Weight in water  
Operational Temperature -4°C +55°C (standard)
Extended Operational Temperature -20°C  +70°C (optional)
Color Yellow
Light Yellow programmable 3 nm range
Focal Plane 2.8 m above sea level
Radar target 3-Lens - Corner reflector 10 sqm equivalent surface

(tailored systems available)

Directional Wave Pack Micromachined Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)
Wave height  -25 .. +25 m / Accuracy 5 mm / Resolution 1 mm
Wave Period   1.5 .. 35 s  / Accuracy 0.1 s
Wave direction 0.360°  / Accuracy 0.1 ° / Resolution 0.05 °
Wind Gauge 2-axys Ultrasonic
Range 0-60 m/s wind speed
Range 0-359° wind direction range
Barometric pressure Range 600-1100 hPa
Accuracy +/- 0.5 hPa at 0..30 °C
Air Temperature Range -52 .. +60 °C
Accuracy +/- 0.3°C
Relative Humidity Range 0 ... 100 %RH
±3 %RH within 0 ... 90 %RH
Water Temperature -5 .. + 60 °C
Accuracy 0.2 °C
Compass Micromachined Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS), Gyro-stabilized
Azimuth accur. 0.5° RMS, 0.1° resolution
Inclination accur. 0.2° RMS, 0.1° resolution
GPS 12 Channels
CPU ARM Processor 16 bit
Ram 1024 Kb
Very low power consumption
Telemetry VHF/UHF RF Power 0.1 to 5 Watt
Inmarsat D+
Inmarsat mini-C/Iridium/GSM-GPRS-Edge
Datalogger NVRAM - 32 GB
Power Pack Solar Panels 260W
Gel Batteries 320W
Option: Lithium Power Pack

able to collect  physical and chemical parameters, like sea waves  data and energy spectra, quality parameters as dissolved oxigen, pH, turbidity, salinity and others.
The buoys are MKI-3 coastal buoy and the MKIV 3Metres.
The second group contains all buoys deployed  to relay  data acquired by underwater and seabottom devices like the "easy to deploy" MKI-4 Tsunami Buoy..


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Envirtech MKI-3 for  Directional wave and data buoy
The buoy's turret under test
MKIV 3Metres buoy hull inpection