Warning Centers and Data Fusion

Tailor-made Systems

We plan, deploy and maintain SCADA starting from few "measuring and controlled points" up to thousands of widespread stations, located everywhere in the world.

Our vaste meteorological and hydrological networks as well as our effective networks for the preventions of droughts, are able to acquire a great deal of data without any failures. We are also able to implement large Seismic Networks to monitor earthquakes and Volcanic activities using "event driven" techniques to reduce tele- communications running costs.

A Customized Software, implementing GIS performances, can manage measurements in more than 50,000 points within 15 minutes. The necessary reliability is assured by high bit rated, satellite backuped, connection through both wireless and wired public telecommunications operators. All systems are built using Open Relational Database running under Unix or Windows  platform.

Massive use of public telecommunications networks such as Inmarsat Satellites, GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS, insures fast and robust implementation and managing of the networks.

Customized Radio Network for special applications.

Accurately engineered and manufactured solar powered electronic subsystems allow fast and easy deployment.

Subsystems are always deployed according to time scheduled thanks to the work of local labour in co-operation with our skilled field engineers.

Centralized "one shot" macro-commands to reprogram single or multiples stations to match the needs of users and processes.

A versatile "event driven" software uses a small amount of available telecommunication resources, to reduce running cost and respect proprietary telecommunication networks.


We are implementing new IMO (International Maritime Organization) ISPS Code.

Our personnel skill found on best worldwide knowledge and practice ASIS certified.

To evaluate a PFSA (Port Facility Security Assessment) we proceed as follows:

On Scene Security Survey, using high resolution (0.6 m/pixel) Satellite images recognition and local survey, collecting information, draws and every kind of security related notice, we produce a geo-referenced 3D Port model and a security knowledge database as resulted from a 380 answers to questions concerning vulnerability scenario.

Security Aessment, based on the Threats, Vulnerability and Asset Loss quantitative Analysis to calculate global facility Risk (in US$). Our analysis methodology based on expertise using Riskwatch modelling and computerized decision system.

Following to the PFSA and the relevant Government's approval, we write the PFSP (Port Facility Security Plan).

As engineering company we Plan and project physical infrastructures and countermeasures to implement the PFSP.

All above activities supplied under quality management system ISO9001:2000 certified and high security clearance.

Envirtech provides assessments, design, engineering, installation, testing, training, maintenance and support services for a wide range of  systems.  Whether your facility needs an upgrade, integration, consolidation or complete "End-to-End" System, Envirtech has the proven experience and resources to provide a state-of-the-art solution tailored to your specific needs

Asset Tracking

SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data  Acquisition

We are able to monitor, as outsourcing service, every asset everywhere located, using Inmarsat D+, Inmarsat C, Orbcomm, Iridium and any other transmitting device.
Our service 24/7 based on operators using our Asset Management Software EnvirTrek, consists of periodic or event driven Asset positioning comparation  respect  a nominal position given by the customer per each asset.
Every time an Asset moves in, or out, a surrounding circle, centered on nominal position, an alarm is raised. Any other geometric shape may be defined.
In addition to the alarm, the Asset will be able to transmit its position along the track wich is now being followed, to allow interventions -
In addition to position, Assets are able to transmit many other information concerning their status as temperatures, voltages etc. - Customers can collect data by connecting to our SQL dabase or they can review them through web pages.

Port Security


Our Warning and Alarm centers are built around our SCADA systems. In addition to data directly collected via our systems it is possible to fuse also others data sources averyway available using metadata descriptors. Pre and post data processing consents each data to be available in a database format and immediately useful for trend and range comparation as well as for nowcast and forecast models.
Any kind of data can be fused, like photos, satellite images, diagrams, charts, text bulletins and so on. Once the metadata descriptors have been defined data can be periodically updated collecting them directly by the source (for example a web page or satellite data broadcast service). 
Scheduled or event driven queries on the Control Center database consent the operators to manage complex  processes.
Once a trend or an absolute value exceed the tolerance window an alarm raises and a dispatch has forward to a list of users. They can be on the center or remotely respect to it. The center can be reached also by remote console to be fully redundant and remotely operated.


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